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Posters, Flyers, and Announcements

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards are located by the main entrances of the following buildings:

Biological Sciences III
Howard Schniederman Lecture Hall (HSLH)
McGaugh Hall
Natural Sciences I
Natural Sciences II –
located on the 4th floor
Steinhaus Hall

Flyer/ Posting Guidelines

All flyers and postings within the building are to remain limited to the Bulletin Boards, and within the Bulletin Board’s boundaries.  All material posted outside of the boundaries of the bulletin board, or outside of the guidelines below, will be removed swiftly, per UCI Posting Policies. 

Prohibited Posting Surfaces Include: 

  • Inside classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, and walls inside buildings 
  • Interior stairwells and stair railings 
  • Entrances to buildings 
  • Glass, wood, painted, or finished surfaces, which includes exterior walls of all buildings and structures. 

Per Sec. 900-12: Policy on Posting and Distribution of Literature and Materials: 

  • All literature and printed materials that do not refer to a specific event or date must bear a removal date not to extend beyond the last day of the academic quarter. 
  • All literature and printed materials that refer to a specific event or date must be removed by the sponsoring individual or organization within 48 hours after the event or program. 
  • The content of posted material should promote educational, cultural and informational programs that support the University’s mission. It must not advertise or promote products, merchandise, commercial services or ventures. Literature must not be used for political campaigning or personal advancement. 

For a full list of polices, please visit UCI Office of Campus Organizations.